Start a Bridal Gown Pickup & Delivery Services in your area.

You say I DO to your new husband, now let’s say I do to Online Dry Cleaning to pickup – clean & re-delivery your dress back to your home


There are many questions brides often have regarding cleaning and preservation. It is not a standard purchase, and many sources of information can be confusing. At ODC, our goal is to make the pickup, the cleaning, the preserving and re-delivery process as simple and straightforward as possible.

We hope to answer any questions you might have, so as a provider, you feel confident in our smart app system. 

We feel that communication is essential. Should you choose to connect your service with ODC, we believe you have the opportunity of increasing your profitability of this service in your surrounding areas.

Take some time over on our the business model (frequently asked questions) section as well, as you will be able to find answers to questions like: where can I service? What should the average turnaround time required for a cleaned and preserved gown? How do I get a quote from a user?

we have two services available for the providers 

  1. Fixed unseen pricing.
  2. Could you send me a quote?

The send me a quote, is the user can connect with you through the app, take a series of images of the dress, directly through the app and request a quote.

You as the provider can look at the images and make an inform judgment of a price, and you can send back a price and a narrative of the service, the user can either accept the price and proceed or reject and move onto another provider.

If the user accepts the quote, they proceed to checkout and process the order in the app, and the provider moves to pick up, clean and re-deliver.

Contact to get started.

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