The Next Big Thing in Dry Cleaning in 2020.

ONLINE DRY CLEANING is the future of pickup and delivery dry cleaning service across the world.

Marketing is imperative in growing and managing your Laundry/Dry Cleaning business. With the rise of social communications and the mechanisms provided by the internet, there is no excuse not to be marketing your business. You can decide to use one or a few of the options below to help market your business. By following the steps laid out ahead, you will find that even a small amount of marketing will help your business.

Using What’s in Your Local Area

An important way to separate yourselves from the new prominent performers in this industry is to be the key figure in your local area. There are numerous ways to do this through marketing, from using local resources to making essential partnerships with your business.
Using inner connections with other businesses in the area is a great way to sell yourself informally. Reach out to local and regional stores etc. to establish referral connections. Through this, you can help create a stronger client base as people are referred to you by people they trust.

Building these relationships can be vital to entrenching you in your local area and establishing functional associations. Another way to increase your businesses reach in your local area can be by using local business directories like . The more places you can push your profession locally, the higher your overall reach to potential customers.

A third and generally good way of marketing your business in your local area can be buying ad space in local magazines and publications like Whether it is a school magazine or local town journal, advertising in community publications can be the right way of targeting your customer base. 

This type of marketing works exceptionally well if you offer a pickup and delivery service with, you can push your users here for people to book in with you and its FREE to setup. These are just a few examples of marketing to your local area; there are many other ways that you can potentially look into to advertise your business.

Consumer Direct Targeting

Another option to market your business is by attempting to promote to consumers directly, rather than through indirect local ads. This can be done by increasing your brand visibility, using discounts and more options.

The first and usually most effective way to target customers directly is through networking. Use your current consumers to refer your business to their friends and family; people respond well to recommendations from friends. Therefore, you are likely to get a high response rate for this method. The best way to market to current customers networks is by incentivising them with discounts and credit to their account for each referral they sign up. Just like Uber providing you and a friend with confidence for getting someone to join, you can grow your business by doing something similar.

Another significant way to directly target selling efforts to your customers is to become more brand visible. By putting your logo and information in as many places as your customers can see, they will be likely to use your business. If you are running a pickup and delivery service with , this can be in the branding on the vans you use, or the packaging you use to give back garments to your customers.

Overall, using a combination of different marketing strategies is more likely to yield better results.

Get your Dry Cleaners Online:

Now more than ever, using online marketing to advertise your business can yield the best results. Its especially true when running a pickup and delivery service like  , as customers can quickly book in with you and place orders. There are several ways to utilise online marketing, from Social Media to email marketing.

Starting with email marketing, with online dry cleaning user notification portal, like MailChimp. The online dry cleaning portal platform allows you to update customers about offers, interact with people who have not used you recently and push for them to use your services. Furthermore, with online dry cleaning portal, you can specifically communicate with customers with no recent orders from this, you can retarget customers and increase your business this way. 

Beyond email marketing, you can look to utilise local boards and reviews to increase your business profile. These days having a google store page and yellow pages is a standard across most businesses, mainly dry cleaners and laundries. If you are not present in this way or have bad reviews, your business can be severely hit by customers searching for you. 

Luckily though these platforms, you can market your business and push for better evaluations from your current customers. This is not an expensive way of marketing but is vital in providing your business with legitimacy and attracting new customers.

A third way of marketing your drycleaning or laundry business online is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). 

Especially if customers are new to your area or looking for your services are likely to use google search to find a dry cleaner. If you effectively utilise PPC and SEO, you will be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors and win over new customers. 

Finally, utilising social media can be an effective way of targeting your ideal customers in your area and marketing your services to them. Using effective facebook ads tailored to your area and target demographic can be a cost-effective way of reaching those who are looking to use your services. We suggest pushing people either to your website or if you have a pickup and delivery service like  , to there directly. For more information on social media marketing look here. Facebook Marketing

Overall, the most effective way to market your laundry or dry cleaning business will usually be from some methods above. 


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