Dry Cleaning/ Laundry Garment Conveyors

Alternative Models of Garment Conveyors

Dry Cleaning Made Easy are supplying affordable new conveyor technology for Dry Cleaners and Laundries.

Smart conveyors are ideal to solve the many problems that the staff faces in Laundry and Dry Cleaning industry from tracing each garment in the process to the need to accurately assemble the client’s order in a short amount of time.

What’s more, the garments must be stored in an orderly manner that maximizes space. In short, making the best use of space and time for a service that is always high quality, while giving the shop the professional image it deserves.

Garment Conveyors Types

  • I Shape    slots from 250 up to 900
  • U Shape slots from 500 up to 1450
  • X Shape slots from 250 up to 900
  • L Shape   Customized
  • H Shape  slots from 250 up to 900
  • Z Shape   slots from 950 up to 2000

Manual Trolley Conveyor

Manual conveyor system consists of a conveyor track and trolleys. Its main use of the trolleys track is to send garments easily around a factory. With careful selection of materials, we used nylon and glass fibres to make our trolleys, which will resist wear and tear and enhance its rigidity.
Every trolley is able to withstand loads up to 20kg and designed with joining function. Hence, each person can push up to 20 trolleys each time with a load of more than 400 kg. At the same time, the trolleys can be equipped with additional accessories such as multi-uses hanging baskets to suit your requirements.

Manual Conveyor System to Move Large Amounts of Garments Around A Factory

Conveyor track is made of aluminium and undergoes the electrochemical process. This ensures its durability and its resistance to corrosion. The flexibility of our conveyor track allows users to achieve their ideal layout in order to minimise labour and smooth production. Calculation by meters, including aluminium track, the switch and trolleys, A minimum length of 100 meters and calculated by the specific job.

RFID Station Sortieing System

RFID Processing Systems provides material handling systems consisting of individually addressable product carriers, automatically finding its way to the correct operation. This system is designed to eliminate manual transportation and minimise handling, radically increasing the time for adding value to your products.

The systems include a real-time information system and the necessary tools to improve the manufacturing processes through powerful software programs. The combination of these two cornerstones makes the System to the number one investment for increased efficiency.
A minimum 10-station unit required or this technology.

Batch Sortering Conveyor

Batch sorting conveyor systems were designed to improve productivity by providing a more efficient means of sorting garments and hangers into their desired redelivery locations ready for pickup.
Common applications include high volume industrial laundries, institutional laundries, dry cleaners and retail organisation’s requiring an automated sorting, storage and retrieval capability.

RFID or bar code can be integrated with the system.

Automated Pin Conveyor

Automated pin Conveyor uses one or multiple motors to perform continuous or timed transportation of garments. Through the use of the hanger, garments can be hung and convey to and from any department thus reducing the manual need of transportation by labour. The pin conveyor is extremely space-saving because the chain can move forward and backward on the same profile, the pin conveyor is especially suitable as a takeaway conveyor for storage areas as almost all standard hangers can be hung from one side as part of the standard layout functional units such as transfer to right and left as well as intersections.

This is to convey of garments effectively as the layout of the track can be made in any design required.

Accumulating Clip Conveyor

Accumulating clip conveyor is designed for simultaneous storage and transportation of hangers without regard to individual tracking. Accumulating clip conveyor is particularly used for buffering larger volumes of garments into smaller areas. As garments are brought in with the clips they are bunched up against the stop position compressing the garments into a smaller area. Once released the garments are taken away singularly or in small bunches expanding them away from each other as they are taken away.

Screw – Chain Conveyor System

Screw and Chain conveyors can be modified to suit your needs.
Chain screw conveyors are a straight-line conveyor only.

The maxim length per run = 6 meters.

We can make them piggy back each other to create longer straight runs.

This model can only be STRAIGHT.

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